Since 2010, ACVET has worked with over thirty local and CRICOS colleges, faithfully helping them achieve compliance through our Support and Internal Audit services.

It is crucial for your college to preserve and maintain adequate ASQA standards. The following are just some of the procedures and processes your RTO will need to ensure:

  • the competency and capacity of trainers and assessors working in the VET industry
  • promote quality assessment practices
  • all TAE training products should be reviewed and kept up to date
  • provide marketing and pre-enrolment information
  • ensure the adequacy of the process of complaints and appeals
  • management arrangements
  • certification process

If you are approaching an audit and would like to assure your RTO’s continued success and compliance, it is important to address these and other issues before any undesirable disciplinary action is taken by ASQA.

ACVET can help. What we offer:


For more about our Internal Audit support, please visit our Consulting services page. We also offer Contact Management and Trainer Recruitment Services.