With ASQA’s increasing scrutiny and focus on particular areas for non-compliance, it is now more important than ever for RTOs to closely monitor current reports, reviews and ASQA decisions to identify areas where standards are not met in their day to day operations. As stipulated in the 2016–17 National Vocational Standards for RTO’s, there has been an increase of more than 270% in suspensions (from 15 in 2015–16 to 56 in 2016–17). ‘These suspensions were largely a result of providers’ non-compliance with reporting requirements and financial obligations’.

Top 4 Causes of Non-Compliance

It is important for RTOs to pay close attention to the following compliance pitfalls:
  1. develop appropriate and compliant training and assessment strategies (including industry engagement)
  2. develop appropriate and compliant assessment tools and materials,
  3. provide an adequate amount of training
  4. demonstrate how validation has contributed to training and assessment
Our 4 Stage Audit process is not just paper based.
Student focus: We collect information from students for a complete and thorough approach
Desk Audit: We collect all necessary information that will help us with our evaluation
Dress Rehearsal of Audit and Report: We identify and organise all relevant audit-related evidence, discuss issues of non-compliance and internal rectification that is necessary for implementation.
Business Improvement Meeting: We suggest a path forward and discuss further business strategies including effective administration establishment, accessibility to information, quality assurance, and delivering legal compliance

Facing an audit soon?

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