Morrison government to pledge $3 billion for VET sector this financial year, says Michaelia Cash

In perhaps one of the few positive aspects of the recent Coalition reshuffle is the appointment of Michaelia Cash (who was previously the Minister for Jobs and Innovation in the Turnbull government) to the position of Minister for Small and Family Business, Skills and Vocational Education.

Industry and Business groups hope that her appointment to the role will revive the Coalition’s chance to more actively appeal to small businesses before the next election. Cash has also said that she will ensure “our country has the right balance of vocational education and skills training” and the VET sector will be set to receive $3 billion from the government this financial year.

Businesses have been appealing to the government to halt the decline in traineeships and apprenticeships, and have welcomed the elevation of vocational education from an assistant ministry position to the cabinet.

Jenny Lambert, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry acting chief executive has also stated that the government is looking towards setting up the Skilling Australians Fund, which would provide $1.5 billion towards the creation of over three hundred thousand traineeships and apprenticeships over a five-year period. This would be accomplished by the states commonwealth pledging funding under a partnership agreement to help increase apprenticeship and traineeship numbers.