RTO Consulting

  • RTO Initial Registration application lodgement
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Academic management systems development
  • Administration management systems development
  • General consultation with initial setup

ACVET will take on the task of setting up your RTO. This includes systems, creating a compliant database, management structure, providing training and assessment materials, applying processes for managing marketing and student information.

ACVET will develop a compliant student management system with appropriate record-keeping procedures, set up appropriate training facilities and equipment, hire skilled trainers and assessors, provide experience auditors to address your compliance requirements.

For CRICOS, ACVET will also develop compliant policies and procedures, create international student, trainer and staff handbooks, address Student Visa requirements and identify recruitment agents.

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  • RTO health check
  • Identification of potential non-compliant areas
  • Assistance with ensuring compliance

ACVET will guide you through the re-registration process, making sure you are compliant to ASQA standards and helping prepare you for the coming audit.

ACVET provides compliance support and advice to your RTO on a regular basis and works side by side with your college to ensure that compliant systems are in place, and quality standards of training and assessment delivery are maintained.

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  • Assistance with audit preparation
  • Desk audit services
  • Implementation of audit services
  • Continuous improvement strategy development and implementation services
  • Identification and assistance with non-compliance rectification
  • Audit representation services

ACVET will help your college prepare for an external audit and ensure that the systems in place follow the standards set out by ASQA. We recognise any non-compliance that may be occurring, rectify errors internally and recommend a path forward. 

By the end of the process, ACVET will ensure your RTO is responsive to industry and learner needs, establishes effective governance and administration, delivers legal compliance and complaint handling, provides accessible information about services and quality assurance, demonstrates secure and accurate certification. This is a particularly invaluable service if your RTO is preparing for Registration or re-Registration.

By identifying and organising all relevant audit-related evidence, we are helping your college save unnecessary cost which would otherwise have to spend on costly compliance experts and non-compliance rectification. We make sure your RTO is resilient enough to withstand an external audit.

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  • Training and Assessment Strategy Development
  • Sample Assessment Tools Development
  • Trainer Matrix Development
  • Assistance with Application Lodgement

ACVET can help your college manage the scope extension of registration process. This includes changes or the expanding the area of delivery and assessment for units or courses, adding courses, transitioning to new training packages. 

Our team works regularly with a wide range of industry consultants and seeks their expertise and advice when determining whether a training and assessment strategy meets current industry requirements, and identifying laws and regulations that will affect the delivery and outcomes of your extended training capabilities. 

Assessment tool validation is undertaken. Trainer assessment, trainer recruitment, facility and equipment verification are also available.

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  • Training and Assessment Strategy
  • Assessment Tools Validation

ACVET will create an industry engagement plan, identify opportunities for your RTO where processes and procedures may have been lacking, develop your industry contact list and recruit consultants on your behalf.

ACVET develops your learning resources and provides pre-assessment validation services in cooperation with our wide network of industry consultants. This is done to ensure that assessment tools reflect the current needs of the industry. This is a contractual process and the validation schedule is based on a five year plan in accordance with compliance set by ASQA.

ACVET provides post-validation services as well, where industry professionals are consulted again after pre-assessment validation to ensure that any improvements identified have been properly implemented.

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Depending on the size and requirements of your RTO, we can provide flexible compliance packages that suit your needs. 

Some of these needs may include:

  • Working with staff and trainers to increase responsibility for compliance and administration tasks, recognising the implications of non-compliance and improve the compliance culture of your college
  • Address and apply changes to common compliance problems, training and education strategies such as assessments, systems, student complaints or marketing communications. This is to ensure these problems are not repeated and do not reappear.
  • Conduct regular internal audit support to ensure compliance and maintain standards.
  • Formulate a plan of action to identify possible risks of non-compliance and promote a full-compliance approach to all policies and procedures.


Our four-stage mock audit process is not just paper based and starts from $1999 (depending on the size and requirements of your RTO)

Student focus: We collect information from students for a complete and thorough approach

Desk Audit: We collect all necessary information that will help us with our evaluation

Dress Rehearsal of Audit and Report: We identify and organise all relevant audit-related evidence, discuss issues of non-compliance and internal rectification that is necessary for implementation.

Business Improvement Meeting: We suggest a path forward and discuss further business strategies including effective administration establishment, accessibility to information, quality assurance, and delivering legal compliance.

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Please note that the above services are contingent on scope and an initial interview will be required.  

Our team understands that the process of registration and the responsibilities of keeping all your procedures in check can be demanding. ACVET identifies the necessary requirements for achieving ASQA’s compliance standards by working with experienced auditors to provide multiple audit support and consultation services.

If you are approaching an audit or the renewal of registration, experiencing compliance issues or require application assistance, we provide solutions tailored to your needs. We also conduct internal audits, test existing RTOs and new applicants for quality and compliance.


ACVET also has options to monitor the compliance of our clients in a continuous ongoing capacity with quarterly or biannual visits, as well as assist them with their registration and scope extension applications. 

These services can save local and CRICOS colleges the consequences and strenuous cost of non-compliance. 

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