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ACVET will support your search for prospective employment opportunities by providing access to our existing network of RTO colleges and clients. 

This means ACVET will actively monitor the industry for any available positions and shift opportunities on your behalf.

Our team also understands how important it is to put the right trainers in the right colleges and recognises that human resources management can be demanding and time consuming. 

That is why we become directly involved in the personnel acquisition processes of our clients. 

  • Trainer Hire / Selection
  • Trainer Payroll and Rostering
  • Trainer Professional Development
  • Curriculum Management Services
  • Training and Assessment Strategy Maintenance
  • Assessment Pack Development
  • Resources Development

ACVET will source trainers with the right qualifications and experience to deliver training and assessment services for your RTO. This includes finding relief trainers when a scheduled trainer becomes unavailable. 

ACVET trainer compensation management is another critical component which ACVET oversees as part of our service. This will free up precious time and resources for your college to allocate elsewhere. Trainers will be supervised by the RTO’s course coordinator and their performance will be evaluated by the college according to their policies and procedures.

Regular professional development sessions are carried out in-house to ensure all ACVET trainers maintain industry currency and are up to date with class engagement techniques to enhance the quality of training and assessment delivered.

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It is an undeniable fact that trainers are the lifeblood of any RTO. We are able to provide your college with skilled, experienced trainers and assessors at an affordable rate who meet all essential requirements. 

This service is a key component of ensuring your college maintains and presents the highest quality standards of education for their students.

Our trainer delivery service is heavily focused on helping our clients achieve sustainability and maintain trainer compliance. In order to achieve this we work closely with our clients to ensure we provide trainers who are best suited for the position while aiming to fill all vacancies as soon as humanly possible.

As well as delivering trainers, ACVET will provide samples and templates to make the learning process more constructive for students. 

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VET Trainers

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